July 3rd 2011; week 134 of post-production (12 weeks to completion)*

Filmwise: I have completed the preparation of the ADR and picture notes for the final two reels, so that JD our sound designer can adjust his sound tracks to the new picture edit.

On Wednesday, I headed to the studio once more for the ADR of the 14th actor in this re-recording of bits of dialogue saga. Khalid, who plays a journalist in our film, kindly returned to the studio for a second time to re-record two lines of dialogue.

*OK! Let’s talk screenings schedule; no, this is not a typo!

I have set myself the task of completing this film to be ready for screening by the end of September.

For the remainder of July, I will be working with JD to complete the tweaks in the audio tracks, and set up a couple of studio sessions to edit the re-recorded dialogue. This latter bit of the process will probably be possible at the end of the month.

During July and August, I will also  be chasing up a production company about colour-grading the film. The director of the firm has already agreed to do the work; getting hold of him during what I imagine to be a busy period is proving to be a challenge.

We also need to decide on the final mix: stereo or Dolby.

“Good luck..”
On Saturday morning, I woke up a bit later than I would have liked. Before even opening my eyes, I had already managed to log on to my email account. No Mesocafé-related news. “At least, I am meeting a dear friend today.”

Having showered and lazily prepared coffee, I settled into my mini-armchair, preferring it to a chair, even when working on the desktop computer. Balancing the keyboard on a cushion in my lap, I took a sip of this divine coffee, and looked up to the screen. The in-box had the email I’d been waiting for.

On the way to meet the friend, I was walking on air.

“You bring good luck, amiga!”, I said to her a couple of times during our lunch.

Peace and love,


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