July 10th 2011; week 135 of post-production (11 weeks to completion)

Filmwise: had a morning session on Friday with JD, our sound designer, to go through the picture changes I have brought to the film. We are meeting later this week, hopefully, for a final session before the editing of the ADR dialogue tracks.

A good week.

For some unfathomable reason, I had an inkling on Thursday night that I should go through the spreadsheet of picture changes before visiting JD on Friday morning.

While jotting down the changes in the edit at the second and frame level is meticulous in the extreme, testing the accuracy of these notes is even more challenging.

At 4AM on Friday morning, I was satisfied that the notes for three out of five reels were ready to go with me to JD’s.

Three hours later, I managed to spring out of bed, shave and shower and be out of the door by 8AM. “Good; I’ll be on time.”

Alas, rather than head to St Pancras for the train to JD’s neck of the woods, I followed the Network Rail website suggestion that I take the train from Blackfriars. It was only as I settled into a corner on the District line train that I recalled that I would need to get off at Temple and walk to Blackfriars railway station, as the tube station is shut.

At Temple, the rain outside, with the schedule for the day fast-slipping away from me, a helpful Tube guard confused me further by saying, “the entrance to Blackfriars station is on the other side of the water.”

The young fruit-seller on the other side of the bridge looked at my rapidly disintegrating umbrella and pointed me back to the bank of the river whence I’d come.

To cut a long story short, I was 40 minutes late for my 9AM start with JD.

The session went as well as well as any occasion in which a director goes back to the sound designer with changes to the picture.

JD made me a delicious English tea with a sprinkling of dried mint from Morocco, no less.

With the noon sun banishing the morning clouds, I walked back to the train station. “OK, I should just about make it to work on time.”

What I didn’t take into account was the amount of time it would take to walk from the train platform at St Pancras to the Circle line at Kings Cross.

Just as I was about to head to the Circle line platform, there was a call on my mobile. “Hello, is this Ja’far?”.

Perhaps due to my lack of proper sleep, what should have taken me a couple of hours to complete in the last part of my shift at work took well over four.

Managed to catch the last train home.

In my semi-comatose state, I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation between a young couple:
“How do we get there?”
“We’ll just walk; it’s not far!”
“Dude, I am wearing high heels!”

Peace and love,


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