July 17th 2011; week 136 of post-production (10 weeks to completion)

Filmwise: My life in the audio purgatory of this feature continues; spent the greater part of the weekend checking and rechecking the notes I’d created for the picture changes. The more accurate and detailed the notes, the less the risk of all the work JD has already invested in the project going to waste.

Colour-grade: After more than a year since our last meeting, I caught up with our director of photography, Alessio, on Saturday.
Avoiding the weekend shopping crowd on Regent’s Street, we strolled through the back streets towards Grosvenor Square, Berkley Square and Green Park.
We talked of the look, the temperature, the aspect ratio, the resolution, and many other technical details pertaining to grading the film.

During the week, I will chat some more with Alessio about the most efficient way forward from here.

“Is it true?”
Thanks to my new working hours, catching the tube home has become a daily event. I don’t miss the night bus, though I am beginning to find my way into the script for a short film about characters on the night bus.

Well, on the journey home on Thursday night, I found myself chatting with a family of North American visitors to London.

Trying to avoid sounding presumptuous, I asked, “where in North America do you come from?”
“Canada”, came the reply from the middle aged lady.
We got talking about their vast country, the Rocky Mountains, the young royal couple’s recent visit, the Francophones in Canada, and.. locking your front door!

“I keep wondering about that segment in Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine (2002), when he walks through a suburban neighbourhood in Canada, and the front door of every house he goes up to was unlocked. Is this true?”

“Yes, it is; it’s just the way people are!”

Peace and love,


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