July 31st 2011; week 138 of post-production (8 weeks to completion)

Filmwise: on Friday, had the final pre-mix stages session with JD, our sound designer. I would like to think the tweaks that he’s been having to do on the audio of the film, as a result of the changes I have made to the edit, are well and truly finished. I certainly will not miss the endless hours I’ve been spending jotting down every change in the edit by the second and the frame.

Next stop: editing of the re-recorded dialogue files. In order for us to spend as little time as possible at the studio editing these tracks, I need to spend a few days organising the files into a smooth workflow.

I have set myself the task of completing all things ADR (re-recorded dialogue) by the middle of August. Indeed, I have already booked the studio for two days for the week after next.

As far as the picture is concerned, I am pleased to have met a dear friend whom I hadn’t met for almost two years. He has kindly agreed to grade the film for us. Brilliant.

Peace and love,


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