February 5th 2012


  • Mesocafé: Daniel has collected the rushes for the green screen shots.
  • Cannes documentary: Having created a viewing cut, I am taking a break from the project to allow for a more objective assessment.

‘So cheap..’

After work at the start of the week, I hopped on the train for the short journey to the West End; I needed my theatre fix.

The play I settled on was one I had read briefly about.

Having opted for a seat at the edge of the front row, I thought it best to stand in the corner, leaning against the edge of the stage; it seemed like a better option than popping up and down for people until the row was full.

“I haven’t heard anything about this,” said a middle-aged gentleman (public school).

“It’s had mixed reviews,” said his female friend.

After settling into my seat at the edge of the front row, I noticed the feet of the aforementioned gentleman come into view on the floor next to me.

“I hope you will excuse my friend; he’s got bad legs!”

“There is nothing wrong with my legs; they’re just long!”

Trying to make conversation, “Do you always take these seats?”

“Yes”, she replied in a friendly tone.

“Well, they’re so cheap”, he added.

Peace and love,


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