February 26th 2012


Mesocafé: I seem to have figured out a way to re-online the film without re-visiting the entire endeavour of replacing the low resolution clips with high definition rushes. I say, “entire”, as there are other elements in the process the rectifying of which will need many a free evening and weekend.

I was meant to spend this weekend inserting into the film the newly onlined green screen clips that Daniel delivered last week. Alas, I haven’t been able to carve out the time.

A pre-shoot promo for a friend..

With the day booked off work, I left my place mid Thursday morning and headed to Edgware Road; needed to visit a bakery in the Arab Quarter for some provisions.

Earlier in the week, I had agreed with a friend that I would spend a few hours with him to create an extended pre-shoot promo for his upcoming feature. Knowing what I now know of post-production, editing has a habit of running overtime. Ergo the need for food.

On arriving to my friend’s home close to Islington, we did away with the niceties of going to the living room, and headed directly to the kitchen; I was famished.

Twelve hours later, I walked out into the cold fresh air of a February night.

I am pleased with the result of our collaboration. My friend has a promo that he can show to potential investors, and I have had the pleasure of working on a new film.

Peace and love,


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