March 18th 2012

Filmwise: I have re-onlined the entire film.

During the week, I booked two days off work as holiday; added to the weekend, I have had four solid days of work on Mesocafé.

The process could have been a great deal more painful and time-consuming, if it weren’t for the fact that only one of the five reels went off-line during the interchange of hard-drives and edit suites in the run-up to Raindance – a wholly understandable consequence of the huge pressure we were all under to prepare a print for the festival premiere.

The other element in the re-onlining process was the realignment of the shooting and screening speeds of the film – they both are now 25 frames per a second.

I have also inserted into the timeline the new green-screen clips that Daniel created for me more than a month ago. It all looks and feels great.

Over the coming week, I need to complete the re-mastering of the screening print.

Back to school..

One of the tasks I have on my to-do list for the film is to write and insert Arabic subtitles for the whole film. Hopefully, a screening in an Arabic film festival will happen this side of the summer.

The fact that a few historical and literary texts feature in our film meant that I needed to go back to the University of London library to be extra certain that the Arabic subtitles contain the original Arabic quotations. It wouldn’t do to translate into Arabic the English translation of Arabic – I think that’s the right order :- )

The library has been fully refurbished since my last visit, and the students seem a lot younger than my day :- )

Peace and love,


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