March 25th 2012


Arabic Subtitles: check.

Entire film re-onlined: check.

Newly recreated special visual effects inserted: check.

New screening print with subtitles: to be confirmed.

The past couple of weeks had a sense of déjà vu of some of the more intense periods of work on the film in the run-up to Raindance.

Having re-onlined the whole film the week before last, this past week I took a further two days off work as holiday to be able to set aside four full days to create a  fully Arabic subtitled print. The screening at a film festival in the Middle East is a good possibility, at the moment.

On the first of the four days, I confidently predicted completing the first half of the 104 minutes of film. By the end of the day, I had achieved all of 12 minutes!

The second day, with my expectations tamed by experience, I felt a sense of achievement in having done all of 18 minutes’ worth of subtitles.

The third day: 30 minutes.

The fourth day: I began at 10AM and was done 20 hours later at 6AM the next morning!

Over the next week, I need to prepare all the relevant files, in case I do need to send a print to the festival.

A good week.

Peace and love,


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