April 1st 2012

Mesocafé will screen in competition at the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai. The screening dates at the festival, which is held from the 10th to 16th of April, will be announced shortly.

With the festival being just over a week away, getting a film print ready has been my priority over the past seven days.

On Thursday morning, I finally handed the relevant files to my friends at a production facility in Soho to produce a festival screening print.

On Friday morning, I arranged for an international courier to collect the print from Soho.

With the day having been booked off as holiday, I found myself in that truly rare position of having a lot of time on my hands and very little to do.

I simply wandered around Soho, taking in the laid back mood that I could sense in almost all the pedestrians that had taken over some of the side streets, drinking from cool bottles and, somehow, avoiding any collisions with cars and bicycles.

In the evening, I crossed Waterloo Bridge and made my way to the National Theatre.

With the evening’s show of The Collaborators being sold out, I was happy to settle for a standing place.

At the intermission, a lady (middle-aged, elegant and very well-spoken) approached me.

  • Would you like a seat?
  • Well,…
  • You’re welcome to mine. You can’t see the far left corner of the stage though!
  • Perhaps, I could stay here and you could join me.
  • You have an accent; you’re not English? (In a polite and apologetic manner, she ventured)
  • No, I have been living in London since my teens.

A pause.

  • Do you come to the theatre often?, I asked.
  • Twice a week, though I must admit, I am not too keen on the heavy Nordic stuff that seems to be in vogue at the moment. I like to laugh!

Peace and love,


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