July 15th 2012

Filmwise: Liaising with film festivals.

My free time over the past week has been mainly focused on transforming my treatment and notes for a feature film into a properly formatted feature script.

On Saturday morning, I was up nice and early and on target to complete the first draft by the day’s end.

05:00 of Sunday morning, after 20 hours of typing, with a few food and sitcom breaks thrown in, I finally completed the first draft.

Spent the rest of Sunday on a long “lap of honour” in my neighbourhood, dreaming of the possibilities that the new baby may have.

London 2012

During the past month, we have been inundated with mail shots from London Underground, the Mayor’s Office and London 2012 about the potential transport bottlenecks during the games. The upshot of all this information overload is that a couple of stations I regularly use will become exit only points on the tube. Nothing too taxing to handle.

So, on Tuesday, I headed to London Bridge Station to catch the train to the West End.

A few London Underground employees had blocked the entrance I normally use. Heading to the one employee that seemed to be tasked with responding to passenger queries about the changes to the geography of the station, a middle-aged lady stepped ahead of me and asked the female employee in her solid East London accent:

Middle-aged lady: “Is there bombs going off on the tube?”

TFL employee: “No, it’s the Olympics!”

Peace and love,


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