July 27th 2014

Filmwise: Taking a break from writing.

“Excuse me!”

“Yes, there will be loads of kids, but adults will be in abundance too,” a friend had explained, anticipating any potential excuse I may have for not turning up.

Despite the flirting of the heavens with a few dark clouds, and a short burst of showers, the dry spell was in sway for the whole of Saturday.

I arrived on the scene somewhat late, with the said kids and adults having gone through many rounds of food, sweets, fizzy drinks and football.

“I am going to the big school,” announced the five-year old girl who, after some deliberation, had decided that the one next to me was the best  out of all the empty deck chairs brought by the family.

“My school now is small.”

Her mother explained that the little one is going from Nursery to Reception.

With most of the men in our midst succumbing to the joys of kicking a ball around in the background, I found myself offered up for selection by the self-designated captains. One was seven and the other may have been his dad.

“Kids against adults,” declared the seven-year old.

I was at the apex of a strike force of a team consisting of a father, a mother, and a couple.

Rather than give the little ones a break, we unashamedly exploited our longer strides and height.

I scored with a header while the opposing team members watched what must have been an air display of a ball and the head of a middle-aged man connecting.

Pangs of guilt and remorse were abound by the time we were 3-1 up.

“OK, I am joining the kids team. I will be the goalkeeper,” I said aloud in an attempt to even things out.

“Excuse me,” ventured the youngest player in my new team.

“Can I play in the adults team, please!”

Peace and love,


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