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August 23rd 2015

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

The pin was inserted into a low point in the stack of weight slabs, indicating a heavy number.

The arms were stretched a few times, forewarning of an arduous workout.
Several deep breaths followed.
The man moved his muscular physique towards the machine and positioned the handlebar over his head.
His back and neck contorted to the sound of metal wires going through wheels below and above, lifting the load once, twice and three times.
By the time he was at the fifth repetition, his face seemed to bulge around the bridge of the nose, and his arms began to break into a worrying series of pea-sized spots.
A couple of the guys on the benchpress nearby appeared uncertain whether this was the fellow’s skin condition or a reaction to the stress to which the muscles were being subjected.
At the tenth repetition, an older chap – perhaps a veteran of the gym – approached him, and asked whether he’d looked at himself in the mirror.
“I think there may have been bits of shell-fish in my lunch,” he explained, as he calmly inspected his crimson red torso and shoulders.
“It will pass,” he assured everyone, before taking a few deep breaths again.
Peace and love,

August 16th 2015

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

The pedestrian lights turned green, and the woman took a couple of steps, before being held back by the cute Labrador at the end of the leather leash.

Her light brown companion had perked his ears and was studying a couple of tourists.
The owner bent down to caress his smooth back, but he was clearly threatened by the man. The latter’s partner was now standing behind her man, holding to the strap of the camera that hanged from his shoulder.
Without further ado, the dog began to bark at the man with such ferocity that many a passer-by came to a halt, wondering what injury this visitor, his wife and their camera had caused the four-legged one.
It transpired the creature had taken issue with the ticking sounds that the gentleman was making, perhaps as an attempt to demonstrate to his partner his K9 skills.
Realising that something was clearly lost in translation, the leash was gently, but firmly, pulled, allowing for some distance to pass between the two parties.
Peace and love,

August 9th 2015

Monday, August 10th, 2015

The melody was melancholic and moving in its unhurried pace; it felt an echo of the soul at that moment of the saxophone player.

Rather than stand and give the classic pose of a raised instrument and a head pushed back, he lay on the pavement, using a plastic bag with some type of garment as cushion against the hard concrete.
His tired fingers moved expertly along the weathered brass and his eyes gazed to a point above the heads of passers-by who towered above him.
Next to him sat a black leather case with a note on the red upholstery:
“I have a Saxophone for sale… My wife is ill in … and I don’t have the money to travel.”
The melody somehow sounded even more sad.
A toddler gingerly walked up and intently watched the man and his white beard as it ballooned around the cheeks and deflated with the music.
He pointed to the man; his mother put some coins by the note.
He took his mother’s hand and walked away, looking back and waving.
The man continued sighing the melody.
Peace and love,

August 2nd 2015

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Summer Party

“Well, the invite went out to the seniors, the partners and heads of department – like last year; but then this new guy,” he said, waiting for his companion to jump in.

“Jeremy!” He was on cue, straightening his checkered shirt.
“Yes, Jeremy; well, he wasn’t going to have his whole team go without a summer party, so he forwarded the invite to his department and all the admin group, just to be sure that the whole firm received it.”
With the shirt straightened, the other chap seemed to take an interest in the crease on his trousers.
“Jonathan’s going to hit the roof when he gets back from holiday!”
Still looking at his trousers, the colleague was clearly not on the same wavelength.
“It’s not so bad, for the rest of the company to come to the party!”
“Exactly,” the late 20s suited man added, before realizing what the other had actually said.
The eyes were raised from the shoes, and a large dose of the unsaid between the two remained just so, unsaid.
Peace and love,