January 3rd 2016

After a whole year of short stories, inspired by my daily ecounters, I am momentarily back for a quick update.

Ever since my return from Cannes 2015, I have been working on a couple of new documentary projects.

The first of these has been in intermittent production since 2007. Over last summer, I began to work on the edit; there certainly is a story there. Hopefully, I will have a rough cut by the autumn.

The second factual project is one that I have been developing on paper for a few years. This past November, I began what I imagine to be a narrative that will unfold at a majstic pace; I am in no rush.

There are also a couple of screenplays that I am developing – who isn’t!

For the remainder of this new year, I will don my short-storytelling hat, letting the breeze touch my hair every now and then.

Wishing our world a peaceful and kindly year.

Peace and love,


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