January 17th 2016

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry for the delay; we are waiting for the platform ahead to clear.”

The lady with the “Baby on board” pin scrolled through a page on her Electronic Book.

“Control tell me, the train in front of us is having some problems; the driver is trying to move it.”

The chap with the brown wool overcoat, took off his black leather gloves and tapped the screen of his phone.

Opposite the mother-to-be, two young women let out a sigh, almost in unison.

One of them opened her dark brown designer handbag and took out a small makeup pouch.

As if feeling left behind, the other woman presented her own set of small bottles and a tiny completely imploded brown tube.

The train let out a series of break release puffs cascading through its undercarriages.

With the foundation applied, one of the two ladies took an interest in one of her eyebrows. A light application of the final tiny dollop of cream from the tube, but the result wasn’t quite right.

A couple of fellow women passengers raised a brow when a pair of tweezers emerged out of the bag.

He thought to himself, how long will it be before the boys join in these public transport makeup sessions; “the bags under my eyes would certainly benefit from some of the artistry of these ladies!”

Peace and love,


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